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February 16, 2018 | by

3 Digital Marketing Hacks to Drive More Insurance Leads in 2018

Finally, make sure you are respectful of your audience’s time by being selective with the number and frequency of the emails you send. Constantly bombarding a user’s inbox is not the way to foster a healthy lead. Consider your own experience as a consumer receiving emails from brands and service providers. You don’t want someone blasting you multiple times per day. Nobody does. Instead, focus on quality over quantity. One well-targeted, well-written email per month is going to go a lot further than several irrelevant emails every week.

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No. 1: Harness the power of vertical search advertising.

Reach potential customers while they are actively seeking a quote. Vertical search engines differ from traditional search engines like Google and Bing in that they only apply to specific industries. For instance, Zillow and Trulia are popular vertical search engines in the real estate space and is a vertical search engine for travel. is an example of a vertical search engine for the insurance industry, as it collects rates and offers from a range of providers.

Placing a vertical search ad on gives property and casualty insurance vendors the opportunity to display an offer to a customer that is actively looking for a quote, and thus is inherently more likely to convert. Vertical search advertising is particularly effective for driving sales of high-consideration products and services, and property and casualty insurance certainly fits that mold. It would be highly unusual for someone to Google “property insurance” and instantly buy a plan from the first provider that comes up.

Instead, consumers will typically compare prices and plans from a variety of insurance companies, which is most easily done through a vertical search engine such as This is why it’s critical to invest in vertical search advertising and get in front of potential customers during the research and purchasing process.

Although revamping your digital strategy might seem like a daunting undertaking at first, if you focus on creating useful content, email marketing and vertical search advertising, you’ll find yourself attracting more quality leads than ever.

This article originally appeared on, an online destination for property and casualty insurance sellers and buyers, providing insurance news, original analysis and trends in the market. It is published by ALM Media, which also owns National Underwriter, Property & Casualty and Claims magazines.

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