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October 05, 2016 | by

The Intersection of Programmatic Technology and Vertical Search

LOS ANGELES (October 5, 2016) – MediaAlpha, the pioneer in programmatic technology for vertical search, has strengthened its leadership position with several recent technology innovations that extend its platform capabilities and industry reach. Bolstered by tremendous demand, MediaAlpha has added new functionality and product solutions into its platform and now offers the only unified programmatic technology platform to manage and optimize all vertical search media.

Several of the key technology developments MediaAlpha has recently launched include:

• Call Exchange Platform: MediaAlpha extended its product suite to include programmatic buying and selling support pay-per-call media, establishing the first fully integrated programmatic platform for managing all vertical search media (pay-per-click, pay-per-call, and pay-per-lead).

• Lead and Call Buyer Exchange (Demand Side Platform): MediaAlpha also launched the industry’s first set of real-time, programmatic buy-side exchanges for leads and calls, with advertisers utilizing the platform to manage and optimize over $45 million in total transaction volume since launch.

• Seller Exchange (Private Marketplace): The Company continues to expand the number of publishers creating private marketplaces to control how they sell and optimize their high intent, vertical search media. MediaAlpha’s supply-side platform deployments now collectively manage more than $80 million in annual transaction volume.

• Shopper Monetization Programs: MediaAlpha strengthened its market leadership position in the insurance segment and is now working directly with 18 insurance carriers who utilize the MediaAlpha exchange platform to offer comparison advertising and monetize their non-served and/or non-converting shoppers.

“Our vision is to change the status quo by building technology that profoundly disrupts the ‘old way’ of doing business and empowers participants to transact directly and transparently through an open, programmatic ecosystem,” said Steve Yi, CEO of MediaAlpha. “These platform enhancements represent the latest in a long line of technology-driven innovations designed to enhance the effectiveness of our partners and to improve how vertical search media is transacted.”

The Company’s relentless focus on staying one step ahead has been successful, as companies across multiple segments, including insurance, travel, personal finance, education and home services, adopt MediaAlpha’s advertising platforms. The total number of advertising transactions powered by the company’s technology platform grew by over 125% in the last year, and the Company is on pace to surpass $100 million in annual revenue for the second year in a row. To support this rapid growth, MediaAlpha has nearly doubled the size of its team in the past 12 months, and expanded its Los Angeles presence with a new office in THE BLOC – an innovative development located in the heart of Downtown LA.

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About MediaAlpha

MediaAlpha innovates at the intersection of programmatic media and vertical search, bringing transparency and efficiency to both buyers and sellers. Its platform empowers advertisers to more effectively engage high-intent consumers through a variety of touchpoints to increase campaign ROI. Publishers gain granular control over their inventory to optimize yield and maximize revenue. The company’s proprietary technology powers over 25 million annual transactions totaling more than $200 million in annual transaction volume across insurance, travel, personal finance, education, and the home services sectors. For more information, visit

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