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May 16, 2019 | by

Energize Your Mind: 5 Los Angeles Tech Companies Investing in Big Ideas

BuiltInLA, the online community for LA startups and tech companies, recently included us in a round-up on local tech companies seeking innovative thinkers:

If you find yourself constantly reaching for an afternoon cup of coffee, it might be time to look for your next professional challenge. The five Los Angeles tech companies featured here are all looking for top talent with big ideas. Continue reading to learn more about the work they’re doing, what they look for when hiring and their employees’ favorite perk.

MediaAlpha Los Angeles tech jobs


What they do: MediaAlpha is a marketing technology company that connects brands to consumers when they’re ready to make a purchase.

The perk employee’s love most: Unlimited PTO, employee health premiums that are 100-percent covered by the company and flexible work schedules are all perks that MediaAlpha employees love — but not as much as getting to be their true selves at work. The company embraces individualism and encourages team members to bring who they really are to the workplace.

How they know they’ve found the perfect fit: “We are a conscientious, humble group who enjoy being challenged and working together in a transparent environment,” said Director of Yield Optimization Tony Leung and Director of Media Buying Shant Aroch. “We know someone will fit right in when they express their love of learning — both personally and professionally. Our company is built on positive energy and enthusiasm to get the job done, and we support learning and development in any way we can.”

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