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April 15, 2015 | by

MediaAlpha Launches Direct-to-Quote for Auto Insurance

MediaAlpha, the emerging leader in performance-based digital advertising technology, today announced that it has introduced Direct-to-Quote (DTQ), a powerful new technology solution that benefits consumers, advertisers and publishers. Direct-to-Quote provides a better online consumer experience that yields higher conversions and greater advertising ROI without a commensurate increase in cost or an unnecessary drain on an insurance company’s technical resources.

MediaAlpha has worked with leading insurance companies to implement its Direct-to-Quote technology solution through its MediaAlpha Demand Platform. This is the only technology that enables consumers to provide their insurance application information once to get quotes before they apply and buy. Direct-to-Quote improves the continuity of the consumer experience by leveraging quote application data from a consumer and pushing the consumer farther into the carrier quote application funnel.

“With this new technology solution, insurance advertisers can create and implement highly customized bidding strategies by using any combination of relevant targeting parameters, including user data, CRM and first-party data, and third-party prospecting data,” noted Steve Yi, CEO of MediaAlpha. While available technology has improved, it has not addressed rising costs within a fragmented space until now.”

Insurance advertisers can seamlessly combine the benefits of real-time, programmatic media buying with the enhanced user experience and higher conversion rates offered by DTQ.

Commenting on the performance of DTQ, Eric Seidelman, Senior Manager, Performance Digital, Universal McCann said, “Since becoming AOR for one of the largest auto insurers in the country, we have found ourselves in an increasingly competitive and ROI challenged marketplace for auto insurance shoppers. With the recent completion of our Direct-to-Quote integration with MediaAlpha, we have seen considerable lift in conversion at all stages of the funnel and similar improvement in efficiency across our KPI’s. This impact has had a demonstrable effect on our ability to reach and convert the in-market audience so critical to our direct response plan.”

Leading advertisers within the auto insurance industry are realizing the benefits of DTQ with:

  • Improved bind efficiency in DTQ marketing campaigns, by as much as 32%;
  • Real-time, dynamic media buying optimization that leads to higher overall media efficiency; and
  • Increased value from existing advertising inventory channels, including from sources outside the MediaAlpha Exchange.

A white paper on the benefits of Direct-to-Quote and the MediaAlpha Demand Platform is now available upon request.

Please contact Michael Foster at or download the white paper: DTQ white paper

About MediaAlpha MediaAlpha is an emerging leader in performance-based digital advertising technology, reshaping how performance media is bought and sold. The company operates the MediaAlpha. Exchange, a transparent, RTB-enabled clearinghouse for insurance and other vertical-specific performance media. MediaAlpha is headquartered in Redmond, Washington and has an office in Los Angeles, California. For more information on MediaAlpha, please contact or visit

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