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November 15, 2016 | by

MediaAlpha Upgrades Travel and Tourism Industry With Online Advertising Platform Expansion

AdTech Innovator Launches Travel Industry’s First Programmatic Platform for Comparison Search

LOS ANGELES (November 15, 2016) — Pioneering advertising technology firm MediaAlpha launched the first programmatic bidding platform for travel comparison search media. The travel expansion, a part of MediaAlpha’s transparent exchange technology platform, empowers travel advertisers and publishers to more efficiently buy and sell comparison search media using technology previously unavailable in the industry.

A growing number of high intent travel consumers have moved beyond Google and now shop across a broad network of vertical search and comparison search sites. Yet travel advertisers have no programmatic buying tools that enable them to access these consumers in one place with a sophisticated, data-driven bidding approach. Many still buy this media through an outdated, blind aggregation business model, while a greater number simply miss out on this valuable segment of travel consumers altogether. Similarly, travel publishers have no existing ad serving or demand management technology solutions for comparison search inventory, forcing them to rely solely on third party networks or to build their own internal solutions. MediaAlpha’s platform helps modernize the industry with the same programmatic technology already used for other online media channels (e.g. display, video, mobile)

“Similar to other industries where we have had success, advertising platforms in the travel and tourism industry are still very much in the stone age,” said Steve Yi, CEO of MediaAlpha. “Our goal is to introduce the same technology-driven innovations we have brought to insurance and other industries to democratize comparison search advertising and put control directly into the hands of buyers and sellers. The industry has never seen anything like this before, and it will fundamentally change how companies target, acquire, and monetize travel consumers.”

MediaAlpha’s programmatic technology platform innovates the sales funnel by allowing advertisers to target and acquire high intent, bottom of the funnel travel consumers with greater efficiency and scale than previously available. Advanced targeting and bidding strategies, coupled with automated scheduling and optimization, yields more efficient spending and better conversions for advertisers. Publishers, in turn, gain full control over their comparison search inventory, a critical source of revenue, and optimize demand management across all potential buying sources to maximize overall yield.

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