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May 08, 2018 | by

MTA Week Watch – Industry Learning

This week, MarTech Advisor, the world’s leading and dedicated source of unbiased research, news, resources and expert commentary on marketing technology, sourced our CEO Steve Yi for his perspective on programmatic:

  • Steve Yi, co-founder and CEO, MediaAlpha took a moment to share his thoughts on the true promise of programmatic and the big problem associated with it too. While programmatic feeds the ability of machines to make sense of an impossible amount of data to sort the good from the bad in ways not always possible by humans, he says, “The problem with performance media has always been that it is bundled and sold in bulk (the good with the bad) by ad networks. Predictive analytics, as applied through programmatic platforms, is finally giving brands the tools necessary to pierce these bundles to buy just the good, while leaving the bad behind.”

The entire round-up of takeaways by key industry experts is available at

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