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February 09, 2017 | by

The One Super Bowl Advertising Mistake That Could Cost Millions

Brands spend $5 million or more on Super Bowl ads to reach one of the largest television audiences of the year. But how many of these brands remember the whole marketing funnel? How many think that showing the ad on game day is sufficient to accomplish their goals?

Marketers and advertisers create Super Bowl ads to attract eyeballs. And they are seeking eyeballs for one primary reason: to raise awareness of their brand and acquire more customers. It’s hard to argue that the Super Bowl is one of the best vehicles for a marketer to put a brand top of mind with the largest possible audience.

However, when you consider that most Super Bowl ads are offering products and services that people are probably not buying at that moment (unless of course the game is a blowout by halftime), then brands are expecting consumers to remember the ad at a later time when they are ready to buy. So brands create better top of mind awareness than any other time of the year. But at the bottom of the funnel, where consumers are actively shopping and deciding to buy, these same brands may not be present with their messages. Many of these brands are leaving to chance whether consumers will remember the brand and the ad when they are ready to buy.

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