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November 03, 2014 | by

Reducing Claims Starts with Targeted Marketing Strategies

For the insurer, profitability and sometimes even solvency comes down to being able to understand the probability of customers filing claims. Claims represent by far the largest single cost to insurers; nearly 80 percent of all premiums are put back towards claims payments and associated handling charges. As a result, when insurers look to reduce overall costs, many focus on adjusting the claims process. Emerging technology is helping streamline operations, prevent fraud and improve customer service. But insurers who only focus on claims management are missing out on a key opportunity to reduce claims and improve their bottom line through marketing strategies. For many insurers, rather than avoiding the claims process altogether, this is a matter of striking a balance of customers more and less likely to file a claim on the roster. This balance can make all the difference to an insurer’s sustainability and bottom line.

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