Predictive Experiences for the Travel Industry

How Hotel, Airline, and Rental Car Brands Can Use Data Science to Optimize the Website Shopping Experience and Maximize ROI

As the travel industry continues its rebound, it’s never been more important to get every last dollar out of your customer acquisition spend. When you use data science to show your website shoppers customized, Predictive Experiences, you’ll be able to do just that.

By using a data-science technique called predictive analytics, travel websites can make precise, accurate predictions about how likely each consumer is to convert. This foresight enables you to show each consumer the shopping experience that is most likely to generate the greatest ROI from their visit. For instance, you can monetize your least likely customers with new, user-friendly advertising, or show your most likely customers the travel offers that are most likely to pique their interest.

When you use Predictive Experiences, you’re able to take your customer acquisition to the next level by maximizing the value of every single website visit.

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  • How data science can help you predict the future behavior of your website visitors
  • How to turn your least likely customers into a valuable new revenue stream
  • How to personalize your user experience for maximum return on investment

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