Predictive Experiences

How Insurance Carriers Can Apply Data Science to Customer Acquisition and Maximize the Value of Every Website Visit

What if you could predict which visitors to your website were most likely to bind…and which were highly unlikely to do so? Think about how that could impact your customer acquisition efforts!

By using a data-science technique called predictive analytics, insurance carriers can make precise, accurate predictions about how likely each site visitor is to purchase a policy. This foresight opens up a range of possibilities for optimizing customer acquisition—such as offering your most likely customers a high-value bundled policy, or referring your least likely customers to other brands inside your corporate family. The end result? You earn the greatest possible ROI from every single shopper.

Download our free whitepaper to learn:
  • How data science can help you predict the future behavior of your website visitors
  • How to turn your least likely customers into a valuable new revenue stream
  • How to personalize your user experience for maximum return on investment

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