Case Study:

Allstate Agent Enjoys 95% Contact Rate with MediaAlpha for Agents

Contact Rate
Conversion Rate


John Pomeroy is an Allstate agent in Nyack, New York. For about three years, his efforts to generate new sales with online insurance leads had largely ended in frustration. Despite experimenting with a wide range of major providers, he’d only been able to generate a small number of sales, converting less than 1% of the consumers he’d paid to reach.  

Along the way, John experienced many of the same problems that have become all too familiar among agents who purchase online leads: low contact rates, inaccurate consumer information, and bare-bones customer service. A provider would promise to refund him for poor quality leads, only to drag its feet or renege on the promise altogether when the time came. When John had urgent questions, the lead company would insist on drawn-out email exchanges rather than answering his phone calls. 

So when a sales consultant from MediaAlpha reached out to him, John was willing to listen.


Incredible contact rates and top-tier customer service

John decided to give MediaAlpha a shot, in large part because he appreciated the sales consultant’s straightforward approach, which included none of the overpromises he’d become accustomed to from other providers. After signing up, he immediately saw a dramatic increase in his contact rates due to MediaAlpha’s best-in-class lead quality. By making multiple follow-up calls to each consumer, John’s agency has been able to connect with the overwhelming majority of MediaAlpha leads.

Beyond MediaAlpha’s lead quality, John has been deeply impressed by the consultative service he receives from his client success manager (CSM). In their weekly calls, the CSM provides data-driven suggestions on how John can alter his targeting and bidding strategies to generate higher performance. When a lead’s contact information is incorrect, John is able to return it promptly—and any time he needs help, his CSM is on the phone within 20 minutes or less. “I’ve never seen anyone be on top of an account the way he is,” John said.


More contacts, more sales, more success

In the seven months since he first started working with MediaAlpha, John’s lead-buying performance has far exceeded what he was able to achieve with other providers. Today, he connects with about 95% of MediaAlpha leads he buys and converts 15% of them into new policy sales. Sometimes, he’ll generate a new sale from a MediaAlpha lead every day for a week—and many of these new customers are starting to refer their friends to John’s agency. Now purchasing 25-30 leads per week, John is planning to move the rest of his lead-buying exclusively to the MediaAlpha for Agents platform.


  • Increase contact rate
  • Generate conversions
  • Eliminate overpayment for bad leads



  • High-quality leads
  • Hands-on, consultative service
  • Honest, speedy return policy



  • 95% Contact Rate
  • 15% Conversion Rate
"From the lead quality to the customer service, MediaAlpha is easily the best lead company I’ve worked with. My advice to other agents is simple: Stop using everybody else and go work with MediaAlpha."
- John Pomeroy