Reach High-Intent Consumers
at Scale

Data-rich ad solutions

Precisely target serious shoppers across leading brand, metasearch, and comparison search websites with ad solutions that are customized for your industry.

Connect With Consumers Across Multiple Touchpoints

Clicks | Leads | Calls

Our custom solutions span a range of options to match your brand’s capabilities. With the ability to integrate with your existing CRM platform, call center applications, data providers, and more, we’ll work with you to optimize performance and extract the most value from every call, click, or lead.

Programmatic Performance

Superior Tech. Better ROI.

From campaign and source management tools to automated optimizations and in-depth insights, our technology platform is designed for performance marketers.

"With great inventory, great technology, and great people, MediaAlpha has been a key acquisition partner for Bestow."

– Matt Gratt, Director of Growth, Bestow

"MediaAlpha provides one of the best platforms to connect with our consumers. In a time of black-box solutions, their unparalleled transparency allows us to analyze the underlying data to make the decisions that are best for our business."

– Jon Legler, VP, Marketing, Spring Venture Group

"MediaAlpha is an extremely valuable partner! One of the strongest features of the platform is the ability to instantly change the mix of lead sources and pricing to maximize conversion rates and minimize lead costs. "

– Keith Mahar, Chief Operating Officer, Instant Insurance Network