Careers At MediaAlpha

Why work with us? We embrace individualism and believe that encouraging authenticity results in happier and more productive teams.

Traits We Value

A Growth Mindset

We are intellectually curious and open-minded, with a growth mindset.

A Can-Do Attitude

We enjoy hands-on work no matter our experience level.


We are accountable, with ownership of failure and humility in success.

An Eye for Quality

We care deeply about the quality of our work.

A Long-Term Focus

We focus on building long-term value over short-term gains.

An Appreciation for Process

We value great processes more than great outcomes.

Feedback Friendly

We understand that feedback is given because others care, and we expect it in return.


Our communication is transparent and candid.


We are informal but highly professional.

"I've grown in so many ways! Our company culture, goal-setting process, and professional development opportunities have increased my knowledge. And not just in accounting!"

– Lily Fong, Accounting Manager

"We encourage our teams to always ask questions! It’s the best way to understand the reason why we do things and find the right solutions."

– Amy Yeh, SVP Technology

"Working on initiatives that touch many aspects of the business—from client integrations to web properties to our platform—is both interesting and rewarding."

– Yousef Noor, Front-End Software Manager

What We Offer

Health Benefits

Medical, dental, and vision insurance with zero deductible PPO plans and 100% of the premium covered for you, your spouse/registered domestic partner, and any legal dependents. Flexible spending accounts for dependent care and medical, too.

Retirement Benefits

We offer a 401(k) plan with a generous company matching program.


We offer a range of wellness options, including a partnership with the Calm app and a $75 monthly reimbursement to support fitness and self-care.

Flexible Work Environment

We support team members’ work from home environments including an ergonomic assessment and a monthly reimbursement for internet and cell phone costs.

Time Off

Paid sick leave, birthday hookie day, and open PTO promotes a work/life balance to help you contribute to MediaAlpha from a fresh and healthy place.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

We provide 22 weeks maternity and 12 weeks paternity of fully paid time off, whether that child joins your family though birth, adoption, or fostering.

Professional Development

Our goal-setting process focuses on company projects and individual professional development. We reimburse for certifications, continuing education, seminars, workshops, subscriptions, classes, and conferences.

Giving Back

We partner with local organizations to give back through volunteer activities. We also match team member contributions to charitable, non-profit organizations, up to $2,500 per employee, per calendar year.

Events, Food, and Fun

We’re always finding ways to engage and delight our teams. We explore a range of topics in book clubs, workshops, and guest speakers. Team member lunches are covered with a weekly credit through delivery services. Birthday surprises and lots of other excuses to enjoy tasty treats are a regular part of our work day.

We Use

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)/Relational Database Service (RDS) MySQL/Python/Perl/Elastic Container Registry (ECR)/Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Our cutting-edge AI technologies integrate Python and TensorFlow with our Perl backend to provide quick, real-time predictions. Perl has powerful text manipulation capabilities with optimized built-in regular expressions, is very fast, and enables rapid development. We’re agile and current, with the ability to scale quickly as demand continues to increase.

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