How Browse-and-Buy Helps Small Insurance Agencies Buy Online Leads More Effectively

Our browse-and-buy feature enables you to buy the exact insurance leads you want, whenever you have time to work them

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VIDEO: Your 3-Step Plan for Successful Hard Market Customer Acquisition

MediaAlpha expert Zack Chin walks you through the keys to profitable hard market customer acquisition in this short video

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5 Things Insurance Carriers Should Look For In A Digital Media-Buying Agency

Here’s what makes a great agency partner for customer acquisition

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To Glimpse the Future of Medicare Customer Acquisition, Look to the Property and Casualty World

As consumers move online, Medicare carriers will need to invest in delivering the best possible digital shopping experience

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3 Ways P&C Insurance Agents Can Conquer the Hard Market

In a time of rising rates, insurance agents need to be resourceful—here’s what our agent partners are doing to succeed during the hard market

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4 Ways MediaAlpha’s Managed Service Helps Insurance Carriers Optimize Customer Acquisition

Our deep expertise, hands-on service, and best-in-class optimization algorithm empower advertisers to scale their campaigns with maximum efficiency

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Want to Support Your Agent Network? Start Encouraging Agents to Prioritize Your Click Leads

Click leads give your agents a chance to convert shoppers who have already demonstrated high intent and a preference for your brand

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