How Drives Performance on the MediaAlpha Platform

The auto rental shopping site uses strategic bidding and predictive analytics to maximize its customer acquisition results

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7 Ways Insurance Agents Can Generate New Sales By Working Their Leads to Perfection

Here’s how to connect with more of the online insurance leads you buy

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4 Ways to Turn Old Insurance Leads into New Sales

Learn how one highly productive agent uses the power of persistence to successfully close new business from old leads

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4 Tips to Bid Effectively on the MediaAlpha for Agents Platform

We sell leads using an auction model, allowing you to pay the right price for every consumer. Here’s how to hit the ground running.

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3 Reasons Independent Agents Should Buy Online Insurance Leads

Online leads offer unmatched scale and a shopping experience that plays to independent agents’ strengths

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More Than Media: How Our Hands-On Team of Industry Experts Helps Advertisers Reach New Heights

It’s one thing to understand performance marketing, and another thing entirely to know your business inside and out. MediaAlpha delivers both.

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Our Scheduling Feature Helps Advertisers Bid the Right Price at Every Time of Day

Advertisers often see large swings in how likely consumers are to convert based on the time of day. Our scheduling feature provides the flexibility you need to adjust your bidding accordingly.

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Consumers Who Use Personal Finance Apps Are a Prime Target for Money-Saving Messages from Auto Insurance Carriers

Personal finance apps have a major opportunity to earn additional advertising revenue and better serve their users by suggesting when consumers can save money on auto insurance

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