Predictive Experiences Help Carriers Maximize the Value of Every Website Visitor

Carriers can optimize customer acquisition by using data science to predict how likely each site visitor is to bind and customize the user experience accordingly

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Millennial Insurance Trends: 5 Things Agents Need to Know

Millennials may be delaying major life events like homeownership and auto purchases, but insurance agents can earn plenty of new customers with the right approach

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Insurance Agents Can Now Receive Text Notifications Every Time They Win a New Lead

Our new text notification feature empowers agents to work their leads immediately—wherever they are

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When It Comes to Online Insurance Leads, Connections Count

Why insurance agents should measure the effectiveness of their leads by the number of consumers they’re able to connect with

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Learn How Your Channels Are Really Performing on Our Platform’s Distribution Page

The Distribution page on the MediaAlpha platform enables you to see how each of your publisher partners’ traffic sources are performing—and to optimize your bids

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5 Things We Learned from “Think Again” by Adam Grant

Our most recent quarterly book club read dives deep on the value of keeping an open mind

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The Dos and Don’ts of Agent Lead Returns

Here’s how agents can return the leads they can’t work and get more out of the ones they can

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3 Ways Life Insurers Can Adapt to the Industry’s Rapid Shift to Digital

The pandemic has led to a major uptick in digital shopping among life insurance consumers. Here’s how carriers can respond.

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