High-Quality Auto Insurance Leads

Connect with consumers actively shopping for auto insurance

MediaAlpha for Agents is a lead-buying platform that helps you connect with high-intent insurance shoppers. Select leads based on risk profile, location and the price you’re willing to pay. You’ll have the control you need to make the best decisions for your business.

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Up to $1,000 in free leads! Open your MediaAlpha account today and we will match your initial deposit. Good on any deposit amount between $250 and $1,000.*

*See full terms and conditions related to deposit matching program.

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"The lead quality is head and shoulders above the competition, and I’ve used them all. And I’ve never received attention like I have from MediaAlpha’s Client Success Team. They want me to be successful and that partnership is really important."

– Eric Hardiman, Independent Agent - Washington DC

"I stand behind MediaAlpha for Agents 100%. The leads information is extremely accurate. I reach 90% of the leads provided and the return on investment is the highest of any lead provider. They have truly raised the bar with quality, truth and transparency."

– John Pomeroy, Allstate Agent - Congers, NY

"MediaAlpha leads are the best in terms of quality. I’m seeing a significantly higher close rate compared to leads I purchase for the same price from other providers. These are the leads I look forward to the most."

– Derek Venable, Farmers Agent - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Control Your Pricing

Specify your bids for each consumer type and change the price you are willing to pay at any time.

A Proven Technology Partner

MediaAlpha has provided high-quality lead generation and expertise for the insurance industry since 2011. We are committed to client collaboration, innovation, and feedback.

The Flexibility You Need

Accounts can be updated, paused, or reactivated at any time, with no long-term contract.

Target Your Best Customers

Filter leads based on risk profiles and target consumers geographically by state, zip code, and radius.

High-Quality Leads

Leads are sourced directly from MediaAlpha’s owned & operated insurance properties, vetted for quality and never sold to more than one agent at a single carrier.

Optimize Performance

Our dedicated Client Success Team helps you achieve maximum value by sharing best practices and personalized recommendations.

FAQs for Agents

What is MediaAlpha for Agents?

MediaAlpha for Agents is a lead-buying platform where P&C insurance agents can set up accounts to buy high-quality leads in a transparent and highly efficient manner. Built on the same principles as our existing carrier marketplace, MediaAlpha for Agents emphasizes transparency and a right-price bidding model for agent lead-acquisition opportunities.

What internet browsers are supported by MediaAlpha for Agents?

MediaAlpha for Agents works best on Google Chrome. We provide support for the following:

  1. Windows Operating System
    • Microsoft Edge (latest versions)
    • Google Chrome (latest versions)
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)
  2. macOS
    • Safari 12 and later
    • Google Chrome (latest versions)
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)

Why should I buy leads from MediaAlpha?

In today’s lead marketplace, agents are often flying blind. They have voiced their displeasure of diminishing lead quality and their inability to understand fluctuations in performance. To help agents acquire our high-intent leads, our product team has reimagined and simplified the agent platform, allowing agents to filter and appropriately price leads that perform best for them. Our Client Success Team also works with agents directly to manage performance, in order to deliver maximum value from their accounts.

How do I buy leads from MediaAlpha?

Fill out the form at the top of this page to get started.

How are MediaAlpha's leads generated?

To ensure we can provide the best lead quality possible, our inventory is sourced directly from MediaAlpha’s O&O properties. As we begin to include out-of-network inventory, the standards and guidelines we hold ourselves to will be applied to third party suppliers. We understand the importance of quality and have built our supply policies to ensure quality across our entire marketplace.

Are MediaAlpha leads TCPA-compliant? Have consumers given express permission to be contacted by agents?

Yes. All consumers consent to be contacted via phone, text, and/or email by our Agent partners, upon submitting the quote form (read our Privacy Policy to learn more).

What lead products does MediaAlpha offer to insurance agents?

MediaAlpha currently offers Auto leads. We may offer other lead products in the future.

How much do MediaAlpha's leads cost?

Built on the same principles of our existing carrier marketplace, MediaAlpha for Agents emphasizes transparency and a right-price bidding model for agent lead-acquisition opportunities. Our platform allows you to set a lead price that makes sense based on your agency’s return on investment. Stay tuned for future platform enhancements allowing you to track results directly in your account, which will enable better bi- optimization strategies.

How do I pay for my leads from MediaAlpha?

When your account is created by our Client Success Team, you’ll provide your credit card information and a deposit amount to prepay for your leads. Once you log in and confirm your account, you may then buy leads using your deposit amount. To add funds for additional purchases, simply take advantage of our auto-refill feature, or you may choose to manually add funds. Keep in mind that if your account does not have sufficient funds, you will not be able to bid on new leads.

Is there a minimum spend or contract term required to buy leads from MediaAlpha?

There is no minimum spend and no minimum contract term is required to buy from MediaAlpha. The minimum deposit amount is $100.

How many other buyers can purchase the same leads? Who are the other buyers?

MediaAlpha sells shared leads to agents and corporate carriers. Each shared lead is sold to no more than 4 buyers.
No lead will be sold to more than one agent who is affiliated with a particular carrier.

Does MediaAlpha allow filtering, so that I can filter the types of leads I buy? Can I change these filters at any time?

Yes, MediaAlpha provides filters for geography and consumer types (e.g., premium, preferred, standard, non-standard, etc.). We also allow you to set your own schedule and daily limits, so you only receive leads when you have team members available to work the leads.

Can I return leads to MediaAlpha? What is the return process & policy?

  1. Yes, MediaAlpha allows “bad leads” to be returned. You may request a return for a bad lead by clicking the “Return” button on any lead.
  2. Return requests submitted within the first 72 hours after lead delivery will be instantly approved by MediaAlpha. You may continue requesting returns for up to 7 days after lead delivery. Up to 20% of leads received monthly may be returned.
  3. “Bad leads” include:
    • Invalid Contact Information – phone number and email address are both proven invalid (phone number is disconnected, wrong number, email bounced)
    • Fictitious Lead Information – fake name and/or contact information (Mickey Mouse, Jane Doe, Test Name, etc)
    • Filter Criteria Error – the lead data you received does not match your account’s settings (for example: your account filters include only consumers who are currently insured, yet you received a lead with “no” in the “currently insured” field). Excluded information does not apply.
    • Duplicate Lead: You received the same lead from MediaAlpha for Agents within the last 30 days.
  4. Note: Although MediaAlpha instantly approves return requests submitted within 72 hours of lead delivery (up to 20% of leads received monthly), all leads are reviewed, and MediaAlpha reserves the right to later reject returns if they are found to not match the criteria above. MediaAlpha also reserves the right to change the return policy in the future – in this event, MediaAlpha will provide you ample notice.

Keep in mind when you return a lead you must stop using it and delete all copies. To learn more about your obligations, read our Lead Return Policy.

How does MediaAlpha verify the information provided by consumers before selling leads to agents?

MediaAlpha partners with third-party vendors to verify lead data, to provide agents with only the highest quality leads.

Can I give access to my MediaAlpha account to other members of my team?

Yes. Contact our Client Success Team at agentsupport@mediaalpha.com to add additional team members to your account.

How will leads be delivered to me?

We will notify you via email when you have won a new lead. There are also options available to post leads to your Lead Management System of choice. To get started, click here.

Can MediaAlpha guarantee that I will receive X leads per day?

MediaAlpha for Agents is a dynamic marketplace with a right-price bidding model. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a certain number of leads per day; however, you may adjust your lead price or filters at any time to change your volume. We also allow you to set a daily cap to ensure that you only receive a number of leads that is manageable for your team size.

Can I pause/cancel my account?

  • You can pause your account at any time by logging into your account and accessing Account Setup.
  • We hope you never choose to leave us, but if you need assistance, please contact our Client Success Team at agentsupport@mediaalpha.com. Any available funds on your account (excluding matching or referral bonuses) will be refunded to you.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we offer credit for every referred agent who makes a deposit and starts buying leads. Talk to your client success manager and reference the terms for more details.

How does the new agent matching program work?

Agents who sign up and make an initial deposit of at least $250 on a single account will receive equivalent matching funds from MediaAlpha, up to $1,000.

Does my carrier subsidize MediaAlpha for Agents leads through a subsidy program?

MediaAlpha for Agents is not currently part of any carrier subsidy programs.

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