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Independent Insurance Agent Touts 30% Lead Conversion Rate with MediaAlpha for Agents

Lead Conversion Ratio
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Eric Hardiman is an independent insurance agent with a growing property and casualty business in Washington, D.C. Since 2006, Eric has used online leads to identify and connect with new prospects—or at least he’s tried to. Despite working with virtually every lead partner on the market, Eric has been frustrated time and again by leads who don’t respond to calls and emails, or who are no longer in-market. Simply put, he needed better leads.


Quality leads, unparalleled partnership

Eric decided to give the MediaAlpha for Agents lead-buying platform a shot. When he did, he was immediately impressed by the platform’s high-quality leads and the hands-on coaching he received from the MediaAlpha client success team. MediaAlpha for Agents sources its leads from its owned-and-operated insurance publishers and trusted publisher partners, and Eric quickly saw a big uptick in the percentage of consumers he was able to get in touch with. During weekly Zoom calls with his client success rep, Eric received detailed analysis of his lead-buying performance and in-depth training for him and his team. This collaborative partnership enabled Eric to carefully target his most likely customers and bid the right price for every lead. And though he’s been granted so-called “platinum status” by lead vendors in the past, Eric has never received more individual attention than he’s gotten from MediaAlpha.


Unbeatable results

The MediaAlpha for Agents platform has dramatically changed Eric’s business for the better. After years of converting around 8-10% of the online leads he purchased, he very quickly saw his conversion ratio leap to 30%. Eric attributes this extremely high conversion rate to a combination of MediaAlpha’s lead quality and his own process for managing leads, which includes working leads for a longer period of time than most other agents. While he began his time on the platform purchasing about 2-3 leads per day, he gradually worked his way up to about 25. Eric and his producers have been so satisfied with their performance that they are now planning to grow their investment to 100 daily leads.


  • Contact a higher portion of purchased leads
  • Increase lead conversion ratio
  • Achieve greater scale



  • Precise bidding
  • Flexible targeting
  • Unparalleled partnership



  • 30% Lead Conversion Ratio
  • 25 Leads Purchased Daily
"The lead quality is head and shoulders above the competition, and I’ve used them all. And I’ve never received attention like I have from MediaAlpha’s Client Success Team. They want me to be successful and that partnership is really important."
- Eric Hardiman