Why You Should Track the Status of Your MediaAlpha Leads—And How to Do It

Our feature allows auto insurance agents to update the status of their prospects and optimize their lead-buying for greater performance

The new MediaAlpha for Agents status tracking feature allows insurance agents to update the status of their leads right on the platform.

Online leads are a great way for auto insurance agents to find new customers and grow their businesses—but keeping track of them can sometimes be a major headache. Indeed, when your prospects are at different stages of the sales cycle, it can be quite hard to keep tabs on which consumers your agency has called, which shoppers you were able to connect with, and whether those leads converted after you reached them. If your leads are being worked by multiple members of your agency team, the process only becomes more complicated.

When we launched our MediaAlpha for Agents lead-buying platform in late 2020, we heard from a number of agents who said they’d like a way to update the status of their leads inside our platform. With our status tracking feature, you can easily toggle the status of each lead you’ve purchased to let everyone on your team know when a consumer has been contacted, quoted, or sold.

Beyond keeping everyone on the same page, our tool gives you the information you need to make smarter decisions about which leads to buy and how much to pay for them—especially when you work in partnership with our data-savvy client success managers. In an environment where agents have more incentive than ever to track and optimize their lead-buying performance, that’s a big deal.

Status tracking allows agents to easily keep track of where each lead is in the sales cycle

Using our status tracking feature is fairly simple. On either the purchased leads list or the lead details page inside the MediaAlpha platform, you can select from a dropdown menu to give each prospect a status, such as new, contacted, quoted, sold, revisit later, or unsold.

If and when you export your list of leads, the status you’ve given them will be included in the export. This way, you can see the status of every lead at all times. If you’re working leads on the go, you can always check and adjust a consumer’s status from your mobile device on the lead details page.

Here’s what the status tracking featuring looks like inside our platform:

A screenshot of the MediaAlpha for Agents status tracking feature.

Agents can work with MediaAlpha to use their status tracking data to make smarter lead-buying decisions

Crucially, status tracking also helps you better understand and optimize your lead-buying performance.

Right now, insurance carriers are asking their captive agents to reach higher sales targets, and agents of all kinds are operating inside a highly competitive customer acquisition market. Under these conditions, it’s a must for agents to be analyzing their performance and adjusting their buying strategies in search of the greatest possible return on their customer acquisition investment.

By using status tracking, agents can gain deeper insight into how many leads their team is calling, how many they’re quoting, and how many are following through to purchase a policy. By breaking this performance down by risk profile, location, and other factors, you’ll be able to detect patterns that allow you to refine your targeting and pricing.

And when you work with your MediaAlpha client success representative, they’ll be able to use their data analysis expertise to really dig into your performance and uncover granular insights that take your lead-buying to the next level.

Agents sometimes worry that sharing data with us will cause us to raise prices on the highest-performing inventory. But the truth is that we solely use the information to help our clients bid more effectively and ensure that our leads are delivering the greatest possible results. If your data shows that certain consumer types or visitors from a certain geographic area are converting extremely well, we want to make sure we’re investing in the web traffic that will bring more of those quality leads onto our platform.

In fact, we’ve heard from numerous agents who’ve seen real improvements in their performance after implementing the data-based recommendations that their client success managers gave them. As D.C.-based independent agent Eric Hardiman puts it, his partnership with his representative is the most attention he’s ever received from a lead company. “They want me to be successful and that partnership is really important,” he said.

Have another idea for how we can improve our platform? We want to hear from you.

Our status tracking feature is just one of the ways we’ll be upgrading the MediaAlpha for Agents platform in the coming months. Our goal isn’t just to provide the industry’s best lead-buying experience—we want to reimagine the online leads business entirely.

Is there a feature that would make our platform more valuable to your business? Go ahead and drop us a line at agentleads@mediaalpha.com. And if you’re not already a customer of ours, you can set up a call with us to learn about MediaAlpha for Agents’ unique combination of high-quality leads, hands-on customer service, and flexible pricing and targeting.