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MediaAlpha for Agents leads come from high-quality, in-market consumers who are shopping for insurance on reputable websites

Here's how we deliver the industry's highest-quality leads.Time and again, our clients tell us that the MediaAlpha for Agents platform delivers the highest-quality online insurance leads they’ve seen. Compared to the other lead providers in our space, our leads are more likely to respond once you contact them—and more likely to purchase a policy once you get in touch.

But while our clients see the difference in the quality we offer, they sometimes ask where this quality comes from. After all, why should the consumers who are available from one lead provider be any more likely to bind than those that are found elsewhere?

It all starts with our owned-and-operated insurance shopping websites and our trusted third-party partners. These websites attract high quality, in-market shoppers who are searching for a policy. When a consumer fills out a form on one of our sites to request a quote, they become a lead. Then, our agents can purchase the lead to contact the consumer in a matter of minutes.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at where our leads come from and why they create such strong value for our agent clients.

Our leads are generated from in-market consumers who visit high-quality insurance shopping websites

We source our leads from five insurance shopping websites that we own and operate, including QuoteLab and OfficialCarInsurance, as well as a number of closely vetted, hiqh-quality third-party partners. Together, these sites generate hundreds of thousands of leads each year.

How do these consumers find us? Our publishers use the most advanced techniques to attract high-quality, in-market shoppers to the sites in our network. Through a combination of social media advertising, search advertising, search engine optimization, and display advertising, we’re able to connect consumers with user-friendly websites where they can begin their search for the right policy.

Once the consumer gets to one of our owned-and-operated or partner sites, they’re able to fill out a form to request a quote. When they do this, they input the phone number and email address where they wish to be contacted, alongside information about their demographic details, their driving history, and the vehicle they’re hoping to insure.

Here’s what it looks like:

Official Car Insurance quote form.

Each lead is offered to agents within minutes of the consumer requesting a quote

By taking the time to fill out the quote request form, the consumer indicates that they are interested in receiving a quote and actively pursuing an insurance policy. Once they finish completing the quote request form, we match the consumer to one or more of the agents on the MediaAlpha for Agents platform. This matching process is based on what kinds of shoppers you choose to bid on using the Settings page of the platform. For instance, if you choose not to pursue non-standard consumers, you won’t be matched with any of them when they fill out a quote form on one of our websites.

Our leads are distributed to agents within minutes of the shopper filling out the quote form—and we never recycle old leads or sell the same lead to two agents at the same carrier. When you win a lead, you’ll get an email notification with the shopper’s first name and last initial. You’ll be able to see more information about the consumer, including the contact information they’ve provided, when you visit the Leads page of the MediaAlpha for Agents platform. From there, it’s up to you to reach out to the consumer as quickly as possible to establish contact and provide a quote.

Agents can see the consumer's name, contact information, vehicle, driving history, and demographic information on the lead details page.

Want to know more about our leads? Reach out to your client success manager today.

By building a network of high-quality insurance shopping websites, we’ve managed to create the industry’s best source of online leads. That’s why some of our agents are contacting a staggering 95% of the leads they purchase, and others are generating a new policy sale from 30% of their MediaAlpha for Agents leads.

If you’re interested in learning more about where our leads come from, you can find a time to speak with your client success manager at your convenience. Or, if you’re not already a MediaAlpha for Agents customer, you can schedule a meeting with us on our website.