Insurance Agents Can Acquire More Multi-Vehicle Customers With Our Targeting Filters

Hone in on highly valuable multi-vehicle insurance shoppers with our targeting features for automated-delivery and browse-and-buy campaigns

Multi-vehicle targeting is an important tool for insurance agents

For insurance agents, multi-vehicle households represent some of the most valuable leads they can be targeting on the market. Because these shoppers own two or more cars, they present you with an opportunity to sell a bundled policy that likely delivers more revenue than a solo insurance plan. As an added bonus, many of these shoppers will also own a home that you can insure—even if they may have skipped the homeownership question while filling out their quote-request form.

With our multi-vehicle targeting filters, you can hone in on this important consumer group across both your automated delivery and browse-and-buy campaigns. These features can be highly effective for agents who want to sell more bundled policies, reach more homeowners, or who simply believe they have competitive prices to offer multi-car shoppers.

Here’s a quick look at the two ways to target multi-vehicle shoppers using MediaAlpha for Agents.

Our automated delivery campaigns enable you to create custom consumer groups and adjust your bidding based on how many vehicles a shopper owns

As a refresher, MediaAlpha for Agents offers two ways to purchase leads: automated delivery and browse-and-buy. We’ll cover how to target multi-car shoppers via automated delivery now, and dive into browse-and-buy a bit later.

When you use our automated delivery option, you choose how many leads you want to buy and set bids for pre-selected (e.g. “standard,” “preferred,” “non-standard”) and custom audience groups. Then, the leads you’ve won at auction are distributed to you as they’re generated.

To include multi-vehicle shoppers in your targeting and bidding strategy, visit the Settings page of the platform and scroll down to the custom audience types. On the right-hand side, you’ll see filters that allow you to specify the minimum and maximum number of vehicles a consumer can own in order to be included in your custom audience group.

Insurance agents can filter for multi-vehicle shoppers in our automated delivery auction.
By using this feature, you can increase your bids for multi-car consumers, enabling you to be more competitive in your pursuit of these highly coveted leads.

Generally speaking, we recommend using multi-vehicle custom audiences in addition to the other consumer groups you’re already bidding on. This way, you can make sure you’re acquiring multi-car shoppers when they’re available, while still getting enough overall lead volume to grow your business at scale.

Use our browse-and-buy feature to start targeting individual multi-vehicle insurance leads on the Opportunities page of the platform

In contrast to automated delivery, our browse-and-buy option enables you to select the exact leads you want to purchase from a continuously updated list of recently generated leads. You can find this feature on the Opportunities page of the platform.

There, you can click the Consumer Types button on the top-right corner of the page to filter the list of available leads by age, insurance status, driving history, and more. By adjusting the minimum and maximum vehicle filters, you can quickly identify the right shoppers for your business.

Insurance agents can target multi-vehicle shoppers in our browse-and-buy option.

Unlike the automated delivery option, where agents buy leads at a variable price based on the results of the lead auction, each browse-and-buy lead is sold at a set price you can see on the page. By combining our vehicle filters with the other settings available on the Opportunities page, you can purchase individual leads that meet the exact criteria you’re searching for.

Want more help finding the right insurance customers? We’ve got you covered.

Our multi-vehicle filters are just the latest product improvements in our long-term effort to reinvent the way insurance agents buy online leads. From our first-of-its-kind browse-and-buy feature, to our industry-best lead quality, to our hands-on customer service, we’re doing everything we can to make lead buying faster and more efficient for our agent clients.

If you have other improvements you’d like to suggest—or you’d like guidance on how to make the most of our existing features—simply contact your client success manager to set up a meeting. In addition, our free Agent’s Guide to Online Leads offers a wide range of best practices for buying and working online leads.

And if you’re not yet a MediaAlpha for Agents customer, you can schedule time to learn more about what we offer on our website.